Hunter's Tech. has made its main objective to address the issues that come along with the best and sometimes worst time to take a big game animal."The evening hunt" We have all been in the woods during that magic time just before sunset when the woods come to life.Until now the only way of finding the kill was to get out of the stand and walk to where you thought the animal was standing when you made the shot.We have all been disappointed when we were unsuccessful in finding any sign.The thought of killing an animal without harvesting it has made the most skilled hunter question even attempting to make that last light shot.Hunter's Tech. introduces the Laser Game Marker.This tool allows you to do something never before possible, make a shot and mark it without having to leave the stand.We know the Laser Game Marker will make your hunt and retrieval a more successful and gratifying event.
 Originally we put the Laser Game Marker in the hands of our children, giving them a tool, that gave them the confidence in knowing that once they marked the shot, their memory or lack there of would not be an issue.Once darkness had arrived and the parent came to get the youth hunter from the stand, the laser points the parent to exact spot of the expired animal or were it was standing when the shot was made. In complete darkness the parent has no problem in finding the location of the shot.
 Once we saw how effective the Laser Game Marker was for our youth hunters, we decided to put one in every hunting pack.Soon after, we received request from family and friends wanting the Laser for themselves.That led us to where we are now, Introducing it to the public.
 So whether your taking a shot on that once in a lifetime buck or food for the freezer, use the Laser Game Marker to successfully retrieve your kill, making every hunt a perfect hunt.We would like to thank you for your time and business and hope the Laser Game Marker and future products will help you as much as they have helped us.We look forward to hearing how the Laser Game Marker has helped you and your family to have a more successful hunt.
Yours Truly
Ken Anderson